Sustainable solutions at Net Zero Technology Centre

Wellstrøm’s mission is to deliver innovative well barriers to the energy sector for a sustainable future. By utilizing engineered bismuth alloys and a superior electrical deployment method we prepare for a low-carbon solution of sealing, remediating, and plugging wells.

In November 2023 we were given the opportunity to give a technology update at Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) Collaboration partners meeting in Aberdeen. Our main take-aways are:

– Important discussions and feedback on the T-1000 solution – sealing for extreme longevity, remediate failed annular barrier for zonal isolation, and challenging P&A barriers.
– Introducing new high-tech solutions with environmental impact
– To give optimal solutions to our customers we need to know their challenges and perspectives.

For Wellstrøm this was much appreciated conversations giving us a better position to supply the industry with sustainable solutions for the future. Big thanks to NZTC for bringing this possibility to us!

“By exposing the smaller technology companies for industry representatives and meeting the community is of high value to Wellstrøm.”
Gert Rege, CEO Wellstrøm

Winner of TotalEnergies Europe Innovation Award!