Successfully qualified electrically set alloy barrier

Wellstrøm, together with its key industrial sponsor TotalEnergies, is pleased to announce that it successfully set and qualified the first ever fully rigless, electrically powered, fully controllable and real-time monitored 9-5/8” x 13-3/8” remedial alloy plug to meet industry required guidelines in gas as per the design on its first ever deployment. Uniquely, the plug was further set through perforations against flowing gas in a weighted mud system, another first.

The patented T-1000 technology was run on a bespoke-designed smart electrical cable and deployment system without the need for pyrotechnics allowing the heating cycle and setting process to be precisely controlled, monitored and verified in real-time from the surface.

Wellstrøm and its industrial partner TotalEnergies intend to deploy the technology offshore later this year. We want to thank the NORCE P&A Innovation Programme and staff at Ullrigg in Stavanger, the Norwegian Research Council and TotalEnergies R&D and P&A Technology Roadmap team for their unwavering support in helping us to deliver this fantastic result in only two years. Congratulations to all involved!

Winner of TotalEnergies Europe Innovation Award!